Sunday, March 22, 2015

The 9 Steps towards Colonizing Mars

There has been an interest over the last 30 or so years in colonizing Mars. It has always seemed to be the focus as the next milestone in space travel, exploration and human scientific advancement.

Knowing the human race and its ironic celebration of human endeavor, all while wiping out whole societies to make way for factories run by slaves from another society. Colonizing Mars would  be the epitome of humanity’s unity and achievements in advancing itself. Here are a few predictions of what would happen if humans did colonize Mars and discovered a native peoples there:

1-      They begin friendly communications with the natives, earn their trust, maybe supply them with drugs and alcohol
2-      They would realize their human mission of civilizing/saving/liberating the peoples of Mars by forcefully invading them and taking control of their resources
3-      Faced with resistance and anger. They would ride that moral high horse and craft a narrative of courage, civility and love against the powers of darkness, hatred and backwardness
4-      Leveraging a misinformation campaign of the impending hordes of savages about to kill the men, rape the women and skin the children alive, the humans would proceed to do just that to the Martians. 
5-      The humans would follow the eternal edict “In order to save the Village, we had to destroy it” and engage in a systemic campaign of physical and cultural devastation, uprooting established systems of governance, education, economy, trade etc… and putting in place incompatible Earthling systems that further serve to oppress the native people of Mars
6-      Language will again play a part here to further oppress, marginalize and otherwise destroy the people of Mars. New expressions such as “Pulling a Martian” or “a Martian Hangover” or similar to give the term Martian negative connotations.
7-      History will be rewritten for people and groups who are not capable of writing history. Massacres and other measures of oppression will be Earth-washed and the colonization of Mars will be known as the Discovery of NewEarth
8-      NewEarth will look to the casual observer to be a new civilized society full of culture and technology. There will be monuments to the founders of NewEarth and museums of natural history and space operas. A closer look will discover the multitudes of ostracized, poverty stricken native Martians who make up the majority of arrests, diseases and malnourished cases. They will also be the ones working to death building the grandiose cities of NewEarth, but you wouldn't know it, because it’s not in the museums, and it’s not in the news, and it’s not recorded in history.
9-      The people of NewEarth will begin to eye Jupiter with a sense of greed and the weight of the civilizing burden the people of NewEarth have had ingrained into them.

And thus goes the cycle. We have a new shiny planet now, most of us do not benefit by that, while a tiny percentage are wealthier by orders of magnitude, and we now hate and fear a hopeless, devastated native people of Mars.  

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