Saturday, March 21, 2015

First attempt- by Ninnevah.

I'm going to have a try at this 500 words a day thing. I like the concept of it. Of emptying out your thoughts on a daily basis. Or even just passing on an idea or describing an incident. Thank you for letting me be part of this blog:)
My first entry, here goes!

Trying to focus on the 40 year old man seated in front of me, he looked fit enough, dressed in a casual billabong tshirt and three quarter khaki shorts. Trying to explain to me how involved he is in cross fit and lifting weights at the gym. I was trying to move on to explore the next possible contributing factor to his elevated cholesterol levels. He didn't smoke, no genetic risk factors, no binge drinking. There was one more area we hadn't explored yet. The one that people are mostly dishonest about. Most people assume that if you work off the calories at the gym then you can eat what you want, generally speaking that's common sense but sooner or later that type of lifestyle will catch up with you. So finally I interrupted his talk about gym machinery and asked about his diet. His seven year old son sitting patiently beside him took this opportunity to be part of the conversation. Dressed in similar clothes as dad, of bland greens and beiges, he began to tell me about all the late night take out wrappers he would find in the mornings. How mum and dad never saved any fries for him. He was a kid on a mission as though I would advocate letting him in on the crime. The father at that felt he needed to intervene so I let them have their moment of dad implementing what he believed was essential parenting skills, loudly whispering to his son that this was not the time or place to get into this. From the corner of my eye I saw a black shadow scuttle across the opposite wall. Only I had seen it as it was behind the patient. It emerged again from behind one of the baby food posters. An ugly dark spider. Aren't they expected to disappear in winter? Don't all spiders die in the cold? I glanced back at the father and son seated in front of me. Both highly committed to convincing with harsh whispers. The dark blob was on the move again. This time he ran all the way past the Pap smear equipment box and into the cupboard under the sink. He couldn't have been that big if he fit through a closed cupboard door. But spiders are like contortionists aren't they? I made a mental note to go find some insect spray once this consult was over.

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